Sunday, March 05, 2006

Husband enjoys watching his wife being massaged

I get a fair amount of calls from men who want to "give their wife a gift" of a sensual/erotic massage. Sure, the woman gets a thorough, very relaxing massage...very relaxing. A man called me recently, having been referred to me by another couple that the caller and his wife were friendly with. He said his wife was very interested in "this type" of massage, wanted to try it (and he wanted to give her this as a gift), wanted to watch, and would that be ok? I asked if he wanted a massage too, but he said, "No, this is for my wife." He "warned" me that his wife was very shy, and might not respond to any erotic touching. I told him not to worry, that we'd see what happened, and that I've worked with many couple of this type. However, I've learned that the man gets off on the voyeuristic aspect as much (or, almost as much) as his wife does from the experience.

I've set up a massage studio in my house. Fireplace, New Age jazz, candlelight, and a massage "pad" on the floor. For couples like this one, I arrange an over-sized chair so that he can watch the massage, especially how I bring her to orgasm. That seems to be the main thing for these guys.

This couple arrived right on time, they were both about 50, and she was slim with long, curly black hair. She didn't want to chat, just took the robe, went into the bathroom and came out. I showed her where I thought she should position herself on the floor, and she dropped the robe (she was totally nude underneath) and laid face down. I'm not sure if she even said hello when they came in.

She had a nice body: slim, very smooth skin, petite. I started my massage with her back, using very warm oil, with long sweeping strokes. This type of massage incorporates arousal and teasing all the way through; every time my hands would drop down her sides, I softly caressed her breasts "in passing." Despite her husband's worries, as I worked my way towards her rear end, I first heard a very soft sigh, soon followed by a slight hip movement. That's my first indication of sexual arousal in the client.

When I started on her butt, she opened her legs a bit at a time, and when I went to "brace" on hand at the top of one of her inner thighs, I tested her vaginal area by lightly brushing a finger up her vaginal lips. She responded by moving her hips even more, and I could tell she was already wet.

I looked at her husband to see how he was taking all of this in, and he smiled and nodded at me. After working around her butt and thighs, I repeated some work on her back, but kept a hand planted near her vagina, and used a finger to spread oil inside lips around her vagina. She never said a word, just moved her hips more, and I moved a finger very lightly up and down the shaft of her clit, then slid a finger into her vagina for a few seconds. Back to her clit while working my other hand down towards her rear, then had her turn over. I don't think her husband saw my touching her clit or my placing a finger in her vagina.

On her back, I started on her stomach, working my way between her breasts to her shoulders, back down, then sweeping gently up and over her breasts several times, then back down.

Now, the real test for both of them was going to start.

I cupped her mound, teasing her clit with one hand, then using my other to alternately massage her inner thighs, each time brushing closer and closer to her vagina. I slipped one finger in while gently stroking and teasing her clit, then a second finger inside.

A quick glance at her husband showed him sitting forward on the chair, with a fascinated stare at his wife genitals. I then began to use both hands to excite her, and to my surprise, she had a loud orgasm within seconds, rhythmically moving her hips for some time after her scream and subsequent moans subsided.

Her husband smiled broadly at me, giving me a big "thumbs up" signal, while I held my hands still. But, apparently she wasn't through.

While holding my hands in place, she started to move her hips up and down a little, and I changed to a gentle up-and-down massage of her clit to the bottom of her vagina. In less than a minute, she repeated her scream, with her vaginal muscles clamped down hard on my fingers, now breathing very hard. Her husband's face took on a surprised, but even happier, look! I thought he would have stopped me, but he was enjoying the show, and I could see he was very erect.

Again, I held my hands still, not wanting to break contact suddenly, and to my shock, she started moving her hips again. I changed methods again, moving the fingers on her clit from side-to-side, and within a minute came almost violently. Her husband sat back in his chair - I couldn't tell if jealousy was overtaking him or not, but he seemed to want to jump onto his wife, which I'd told him was not an option.

I slowly removed my hands, and she spoke the first words since we started, asking for some water, and saying that she felt like jelly, and would need a few minutes before she could stand up.

After she went back to the bathroom to dress, her husband paid me, handsomely, and was beside himself with happiness. His wife came out of the bathroom, shook hands with me, said "thanks," and they left.

I would have thought she would have said more, but ... nothing. Later, I received an email telling me that, once they were in the car, she wouldn't STOP talking, and apparently had a wild evening between the two of them (at least he did) when they got home. Apparently, she couldn't orgasm any more! But, they've talked about the massage experience a lot, and she has referred others to me.

Friday, March 03, 2006

How I got started

I have had a part-time practice providing sensual/erotic massage (therapeutic, but with a totally-integrated erotic component) to women for 2 decades. For the past 2 years I've been getting more and more requests for advice, and questions as to how I got into this (it's not how I make my primary living). So, given the interest that I've read and experienced first-hand, this blog is dedicated to the tales of an erotic masseur. The posts will all be real experiences, and nothing but true.

I was living in New York City 20 years ago, and was snowed in thanks to a surprise blizzard. We closed the offices early and sent everyone home. Sometime in the early afternoon my doorbell rang. A neighbor (she lived down the hall in the hi-rise building and knew each other just in passing) was standing there, looking a bit upset. She told me that she and her boyfriend had split and, as a "parting gift," had deliberately mis-wired her entertainment system. She knew that I was Chief Engineer at one of the city's TV stations, and would I undo the damage her now ex had caused. She smiled a bit and said it was odd to be stuck at home in Manhattan, with nothing to do, not even watch TV. For the record, she was pleasant looking, but not what one would call hot, and I had no idea what she did for a living.

I had nothing better going on, so I said, "Sure, no problem."

Well, it took over 3 hours...she had a very sophisticated system, and this guy had re-wired things, he hadn't just pulled them out. When I was finished, she thanked me profusely, offered me money (which I declined), and said she really wanted to repay me somehow, and had an idea.

My immediate thought was that she was going to lead me into her bedroom - but she said that she earned her living teaching massage, had her own massage school, and was I interested in learning sensual/erotic massage? Yup, I sure was - the idea got me aroused instantly. She warned me that to learn her approach (an integrated massage, therapeutic, always sensual, arousing and subtly teasing throughout - not a rub and then jump to the genitals) would take some real study and work, and a serious attitude. She'd trained at Esalen Institute, which I'd heard I accepted her offer. Although she had a studio which she used for teaching, my lessons were in her apartment.

She gave me a massage to demonstrate the technique and its effectiveness. What struck me was that she had the surest hands I'd ever felt, and she was right: there was almost imperceptible teasing and arousing during the massage, and when she transitioned to my genitals, it was impossible to tell the exact point. And, on top of that, she was clearly an expert in the use of her hands...I didn't last more than a few seconds, and I was 27, with a lot of experience with women. I recall it took me a few minutes before I could get up.

My schooling stretched over a period of about a month, with one of her students (female) as my subject on several occasions. Other times, I massaged her, with her guidance, until I was able to do a complete massage for her and one of her students, start to finish, without advice. Still, I was curious to see how a woman I'd never massaged would react.

A week or so later, the opportunity presented itself, as a co-worker of mine who'd been out sick for a few days was returning to work, and asked if I would drop off some paperwork from her office at her apartment.

I knew she liked me, but I didn't really have an interest in her, other than as a friend. Also, I was sexually involved, already, with two women at the same company, and was happy being friends with her. But she became my first massage "client," and got the whole ball rolling.

When I got to her place, she answered the door in a really ugly robe - you have no idea. It looked like it had been made from a combination of terrycloth and a hotel bedspread, with stripes going everywhere. I mean "UGLY." I gave her the documents she had asked for, and accepted her offer of a soft drink before going back out and braving the cold. We talked for a short while, and I could see she was shrugging her shoulders, stretching a bit, trying to shed the last stiffness from the flu. It was then that I told her that I'd just finished a course in massage (didn't say what kind), and would she like some relief.

I had her make a pad on the floor, and she laid down on her stomach, still wearing that awful robe. However, my training taught me to use warm/hot oil - not good on a terrycloth robe. She said I'd find some baby oil (not my first choice, but workable) in the bathroom, and when I returned, she'd opened her robe enough for me to work her shoulders. But I couldn't do much more with that "thing" wrapped around her, and I had already had to lift her bra up to work underneath. I told her this wasn't going to be very effective with her all wrapped up, and if she wanted me to continue, she'd have to shed the clothing/robe covering her back.

Surprisingly, she didn't hesitate, and in short order her bare back was staring at me (everything else, including her buttocks, was still covered). But, as I worked my way down her back, I felt her hips beginning to move, and that's when I got nervous and excited at the same time. I remember thinking: what the hell, I'll see if she's willing to get the whole treatment, and all I could think of was what she'd say (at work) if I didn't do an effective job. Or, even if it was effective.

I told her that she'd need to be totally undressed if I was to "do things right," and without hesitation, took everything off, sliding her panties off, last. I felt like I did when I was 17, and about to lose my virginity.

I concentrated on what I'd learned, "seeing" with my hands, but also watching for signs of arousal. I know I was not nearly as smooth as I am now (well, it's been 20 years), but she was definitely responding. The first real test was going to be when I massaged her upper thighs, and try to determine if she was aroused.

When I got to the very top of one thigh, I could feel that she was wet, and her hips were starting to move regularly, so I knew things were going well. I "accidentally" brushed a finger up her vaginal lips, and she moaned. I almost let out a sigh of relief, and my confidence was rapidly improving.

As she turned over, she spread her legs enough for me to straddle one, while I started on her stomach, then worked upwards to her neck and shoulders, deliberately avoiding her breasts at first. But, as I worked back down, I lightly caressed the sides of her breasts "in passing," moved over to her side (at hip level), facing across her, working from two directions towards her mound.

I slipped a finger inside her with one hand, and slid a finger from my other hand, very gently, around the shaft of her clit. I barely moved the finger inside her, and started to very lightly move the other finger sideways across the tip of her clit.

Almost instantly, her chest started heaving with deep breaths, which led right into a very strong orgasm - her vaginal muscles really clamped down on my fingers inside her (I'd added a 2nd).

As she lay there catching her breath, even laughing reflexively from the release, I wondered to myself, "what have I done?"

Hint before my next post (they'll be shorter, but I thought the introduction should be complete): she told a number of her girlfriends, and I soon began getting calls for massage.